4 Ways People Call An HVAC Company For Heating and AC Repair

_ Whenever our phones ring — or people send us a message — there’s always the mystery regarding how the person on the other end will be feeling. Is it an urgent request that will require emergency HVAC repair? Or is it simply someone setting up their next regular furnace maintenance appointment? You never really […]

Different Types of Heating Repair In Potomac and Bethesda

_ It’s that time of year again, when heating units across Maryland are starting to give out. Even if we have warm days here and there, temperatures can turn on a dime and force the need for heating repair in Potomac, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Beltsville, and the surrounding area. But when someone tells you that […]

What Are The Steps To Take When You Need Heating Repair In Bethesda or Potomac?

Doesn’t it always seem like smoke detectors start beeping at night? Or that the neighbor’s dog waits until your lights are out to start barking? It’s much the same with heating repair in Bethesda…furnaces and other types of HVAC equipment just seem to wait until the middle of the night before they give out. But […]

Is A New Heating System Worth It?

_ When you take a look at the title of this blog, it’s probably important to note the timing we’re talking about. If you call an HVAC technician for furnace repair and they say “your heat exchanger is cracked, you need a new unit,” then the answer is most certainly yes, a new heating system […]

6 Reasons To Choose JC & JC For Your Heating Repair and Maintenance

We’re not going to lie to you and say we’re the only heating repair technicians in the Beltsville area. If you do a search for “heating repair near me” you’re sure to find other heating maintenance and repair technicians, so we have to set ourselves apart in some way, right? Well, we’ve come up with […]

7 Signs That It’s Time For Heating Or Furnace Repair in Maryland

_ Sometimes your need for heating repair is obvious. Maybe you wake up in the morning and immediately discover that the floor is unusually cold under your feet. Or you come home from work one winter day to discover that, despite the thermostat being set correctly, you don’t dare take off your coat. When that […]

With Winter Coming, Get Your HVAC Serviced With Proper Heater Maintenance

  Right around this time of year, when the fall weather starts to get cooler, is when you’ll start seeing ads for HVAC contractors who are offering to clean out your furnace before winter starts. At first you might think, “well, my furnace was working well at the end of last winter. Won’t it work […]