Whenever our phones ring — or people send us a message — there’s always the mystery regarding how the person on the other end will be feeling. Is it an urgent request that will require emergency HVAC repair? Or is it simply someone setting up their next regular furnace maintenance appointment? You never really know when you work for an HVAC company!
In general, there are four basic ways that people call us when they’re in need of some sort of heating or AC service. Let’s take a moment to look at them.

They Call In Desperation…

…because their heat is out or their air conditioner is on the fritz. 
As we discussed in a recent article, heaters and furnaces are most likely to have problems on the coldest nights. Similarly, air conditioners are most likely to break on the hottest day of the year. This happens because these are the days when they’re under the most stress, when they have to turn on and off most often and stay on for longer periods of time. 
It’s an unfortunate fact that furnaces and air conditioners are most likely to go out on the hottest and coldest days of the year, which is why people who are calling us are so desperate to have HVAC repair done so quickly. When they need furnace repair, it’s important to get the heat back on in the house before the pipes freeze and burst. When they need AC service, they’re trying to keep their family and pets cool on dangerously hot days.
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They Call Calmly…

…because it’s not really that extreme outside.
We’ve just finished telling you that heating units and air conditioners often end up breaking on the hottest days. But that doesn’t mean they all do, and sometimes a unit will fail early or late in the season. For instance, a customer might be feeling a little chilly in the middle of October and turn on the furnace, only to realize that the fan keeps going but no heat is coming out of the vents. Other times someone might try out their air conditioners in early June and realize the cold just isn’t coming. 
These are the customers who aren’t desperate to get their HVAC repaired right away, but they do know it has to be taken care of with more extreme temperatures on the way. They’d simply like to see us in a few days and have us take care of their HVAC repair. 

They Call Preemptively… 

…because they want to extend the life of their equipment.
Having regular furnace and AC tune-ups is one of the most reliable ways to ensure that your equipment will last longer than it otherwise would. Not only can it keep your equipment from breaking down at the wrong time, but it can also prevent small problems from becoming big problems. 
Every type of HVAC equipment needs a specific type of tuning. Oil furnaces need the nozzles cleaned regularly, while air conditioners need the condenser coils cleaned. Regular tune-ups keep everything running closer to the way the machine did when it was new, and it also helps it run more efficiently. That means less fuel or electricity used, which translates to lower energy bills. 
If you aren’t good about calling an HVAC company for furnace or AC tune-ups because you always forget to put it on your calendar, you might want to do what many of our customers do and sign up for twice-yearly HVAC maintenance. When you use our maintenance contract, you’ll always know that you have our time reserved so that you can keep your heating and cooling units in the best possible condition.

They Call Resolutely…

…because they know it’s time for HVAC replacement.
In general, people aren’t really excited to get a furnace or AC replacement. Most of the time they’re spending quite a bit of money in order to get a piece of equipment that will do pretty much what their old equipment did. Yes, there will be some energy savings associated with it, but it’s not as exciting as getting a new car or a sleeker television.
So when people call, they’re not exactly jumping up and down about having new furnace or AC installation. But they do know that they need the help of a professional HVAC installer for their furnace or air conditioner installation. Sometimes they’ve been saving up for a unit that’s on its way out, other times they need financing to help with an unexpected replacement. Either way, JC & JC HVAC Mechanical Contractors can help them get exactly what they need in HVAC replacement. 

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