If you have ever dealt with a broken air conditioner in the prime of Summer before, you know just how hot it can get. Whether your current air conditioner unit is getting up there in age or you have paid for a few too many repairs, sometimes an air conditioner replacement makes sense, especially if you don’t want to risk being without cool air inside of your home during the Summer for who knows how long. 
If purchasing a new air conditioner is the best decision, you may be wondering when the best time for installation is. While a lot of people would assume that the Winter is the best time of year for AC installation — since that is the time of year when you would not be using it — it actually is not the most ideal season for the job. In this blog post, the professional HVAC contractors here at JC & JC reveal when the best time for professional air conditioner installation is.

When Is the Best Time for Home Air Conditioning Installation?

Price and convenience both play essential roles in determining when the best time is for AC installation, so it’s understandable why many people would think that the Winter is the best time for it. However, Winter is still a busy time of year for HVAC companies, most of them being consumed with furnace replacements and repair. Opposite of Winter, the summertime is not a good time for air conditioning installation either — the rising temperatures increase the demand for AC services, making it hard to come across affordable AC installation, and you certainly don’t want to be without cool air during the Summer season. So if the Winter and the Summer aren’t ideal times of the year for air conditioning installation, what does that leave us with? Like with any market, buying in the offseason is the best way to get a good deal — in the case of air conditioners, that’s Spring and fall.

During the months of March, April, and May, the weather is cool enough to keep homeowners from wanting to fire up their A/C unit, but it also is not cold enough to have them running their furnace full-time. This is also when many HVAC contractors have more time to install an AC unit, typically for a terrific price, too. The same can be said for the fall months, especially September through November.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy an Air Conditioner?

More importantly than determining when the best time for AC installation, is figuring out where to get the unit from. In this situation, you cannot go wrong with purchasing an air conditioner from a professional HVAC company. Not only will HVAC companies carry some of the best home air conditioners from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, but they can also help you determine which one is the best for your home, desired comfort level, and budget. Additionally, purchasing a new air conditioner through your local HVAC company will often include installation. You won’t have to worry about installing the unit incorrectly and will gain peace of mind in knowing that your new air conditioner was installed by knowledgeable, experienced hands

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