Now that it’s the middle of summer — and we certainly think that July 19 qualifies as the middle of summer — your air conditioner is probably running around the clock. As we write this, the temperatures for the upcoming weekend are forecasted at peak anywhere between 97 and 99 degrees. It’s really no wonder that people have been calling us non-stop seeking AC repair. When temperatures get this hot, it’s no laughing matter. In fact, it’s dangerous.
But let’s assume for a moment that your air conditioner is working perfectly well. Yes, it’s working hard, but it doesn’t seem to be giving you any problems…even though you forgot to call an HVAC company back in April to schedule preventive AC maintenance for the (then) upcoming summer. 

If you forgot to call JC & JC HVAC Mechanical to get your AC tuned up last spring, don’t worry. We can still get your unit back in tip-top shape so that your air conditioner stands up to the insane heat we’re experiencing. 

Should You Call For AC Maintenance This Late Into Summer?

If you haven’t had your air conditioner maintenance performed this year, is it worth it to still have it done? We can see how our customers might be of two minds about this, so we thought we’d address some of the more common thoughts on the subject

No: It’s Working Fine

Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? That’s what most people think, and we can understand that. After all, if your AC’s made it this far into summer without any problems, it can probably make it until next year, right?
We’d argue against this point for two reasons. First of all, just because it’s doing well now doesn’t mean that the extreme heat and stress won’t end up pushing your unit over the edge tomorrow (a scenario that could be prevented with an AC tune-up). Second, basic AC preventive maintenance could increase the efficiency of your unit, which brings us to…

Yes: It Can Work Better

There are two basic reasons that people have scheduled AC maintenance performed. The first is that it tends to make the AC last longer (more on that later), and the second is that it makes the entire system work more efficiently. Dust and dirt collect on various parts of an air conditioning unit, making it more difficult for the condensing coils to do their job. Having them cleaned can make your air conditioner more efficient, which uses less energy. Using less energy means you’ll be saving money every time your AC kicks on for the rest of the summer. Which brings us to our next counterpoint…

No: Summer’s Almost Over

The hotter the summer, the longer it seems to last. Since this has been such an incredibly hot summer — hotter than usual and breaking some records  — it just feels like it’s been here forever. Summer is far from over, with the rest of July and all of August ahead of us. It wouldn’t surprise us if early September had some high-90 degree days as well.
The fact is, getting your AC serviced with regular cleaning and maintenance is a good idea during any of the months it’s in use. Not only will it save you energy (and money), but it could save you problems in the future. And that brings us to our next point…

Yes: You Might Prevent Huge Repairs

As we mentioned earlier, one of the two primary reasons that people invest in regular AC maintenance is that they know just how important it is to fix the small problems before they become big problems. Clean coils will reduce the wear and tear on the motor. Tightening connections can prevent coolant leaks. Replacing hoses can make it run more efficiently. 

Fixing small things now can prevent much larger repairs in the future. It’s during the hottest days of the year that the most stress is put on air conditioners, which means they’re also most likely to break. But if they’re in tip-top shape thanks to a mid-summer tune-up, you’re much less likely to experience an emergency situation. And speaking of emergencies…

Yes: Deciding To Get It Done Now Can Prevent Emergencies

When you think about your thermostat’s relationship to your HVAC equipment, the thermostat is really the boss. If you have your thermostat set to 75, then it’s going to keep telling the air conditioner to turn on — and stay on — until that temperature is met. When the temperature outside is 80 degrees, that’s pretty easy; the house won’t heat up very quickly thanks to the house’s insulation.

But when outdoor temperatures start to hit 90 degrees or more, the house is being buffeted from outside and the insulation is having a hard time keeping the temperature down. So the thermostat is constantly telling the air conditioning unit to turn on again and again, over and over for most of the day. Not only doesn’t the air conditioner get much of a break, but every time it turns on there is extreme heat moving through its circuitry due to electrical charges.

What does all this mean to you? Because AC units are under the most stress on the hottest days of the year, those are the days on which they’re most likely to break down. That means your home will be without air conditioning when summer is at its hottest, which can lead to an emergency situation for anyone who’s in a home. And while you might be at work when it goes out and won’t have to worry about it until you get home, what about pets in the home that have no way of telling you that the house is hitting dangerous temperatures?

Getting air conditioner maintenance is no guarantee that you won’t have a breakdown in the middle of summer, but getting an AC tune-up makes your unit more ready for the coming hot days and make it less likely to break down.

Ready For Top-Tier AC Tune-Ups?

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