Air conditioning is a modern luxury that many people take for granted until they are caught off guard by sudden emergency repairs or system failure. This year, think ahead. If your system is older than ten years old, you’ve had to repair it frequently, or you have noticed an uptick in your utility bills in recent years, it may be time to consider replacing your full HVAC system. While replacing your HVAC unit is no small expense, it’s no reason to put it off any longer than you already have. In the long run, full system replacement may pay for itself in energy savings. Newer model systems are more efficient than ever, which means they cool your home better without excessive utility bills. 

Replace Your System Before You’re Relying On It Full-Time

In Maryland, there’s a relatively short window of time between needing to heat your home and needing to cool your home. For this reason, it’s important to try to get as much seasonal HVAC maintenance done as possible before the 90-degree weather sets in. Replacing your HVAC system earlier on can help you feel confident that you aren’t going to “sweat the bed” night after night this summer or rack up expensive utility bills when you could allocate that money to summer fun. 

Lower and Fewer Repair Costs

While regular maintenance is necessary to maintain the health of any HVAC system, all HVAC systems have a finite lifespan. If you’ve had to pay for expensive repairs year after year, imagine a life where your HVAC system simply worked reliably. Instead of expecting to spend a pretty penny every season to replace some aspect of your HVAC unit, upgrade to a newer model unit and enroll in a preventive maintenance program. 

Cheaper Utility Bills

No one likes to open a bill and see that it’s higher than they were expecting. With a newer model HVAC system, you can feel confident that your system is operating at maximum efficiency without running up your electric bill. Consult with a qualified HVAC technician to find out the right size and model system for your home to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the lifespan of your new unit. 

Better Air Quality

If your system and ductwork are older than you know, they are likely holding onto debris, dust, and allergens from years of use. As HVAC systems age, it’s harder for them to circulate clean air, filter out odors, or maintain healthy humidity levels. When you upgrade to a new HVAC system, you know that you are breathing clean air, and you will be able to tell the difference.

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