While summer might not be right around the corner, it will be here before you know it. And if the furnace tune-up you had done during fall made sure that your heating has held up over the winter, then the next order of business is to look into getting your AC tune-up taken care of. Sure, you might not need it tomorrow, but making sure that your AC is up and running when you need it will make for a much more comfortable future. While we recommend air conditioner tune-ups every year, not everyone pays attention to us! Some people wait for something to go wrong with their systems, which ends up costing them more in the long run. Of course, AC units are machines and can go out at any time, and sometimes no level of regular maintenance can keep it from expiring on the hottest day of the year.
But not every problem is so big that you necessarily need to call for professional HVAC service. There are some things so simple that we’d like to save you the embarrassment of giving us a call. Sure, we’ll come by and take care of your problem no matter what it is, but we don’t necessarily want you to think ill of us for charing you because all we did was flip a switch!
Sometimes your air conditioner won’t turn on and there’s a perfectly reasonable — and non-mechanical — reason. Here are the simplest fixes to AC units and thermostats that you can handle yourself.

A Simple Switch

This often happens on the first hot day of the year, after people have been relying on ceiling fans and open windows throughout more of spring. They change the thermostat to a colder temperature and…nothing. In most cases, it’s simply because they haven’t yet changed their thermostat from “heat” to “cool.” After that, just make sure that the temperature is set where you want it It’s a simple fix to a mistake that people make all the time.

Tripped Fuses

Another common problem is that the AC unit has tripped a fuse. After going unused for months, the first time it cycles on could cause a problem in the fusebox. If that happens, simply reset the fuse. If it keeps happening, it might be signs of a much bigger problem that requires AC service.

Dirty Filters

Even if your AC turns on, it might not be giving you the comfortable air you’ve been looking for. Decreased airflow, often caused by a dirty filter, can also prevent cool air from getting to you. Many people ride out winter on a dirty air filter, thinking they’ll get to it later. If you didn’t have us by for a spring AC tuneup, it’s likely that you still have a dirty filter that’s stopping the air and causing your HVAC to work harder than it needs to.

Avoid These Problems In The First Place!

Honestly, the best way to handle all of these problems is to simply have us stop by at the beginning of spring and deliver the best AC service in the Beltsville area. We’ll clean everything out, make sure the hoses are properly connected, and ensure that the problems we mentioned above are taken care of. Contact us today to get that AC maintenance taken care of!

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