There’s nothing better than spending time with family during the winter — and nothing worse than having an HVAC system that refuses to work on the coldest days of the year. Heating systems can be complicated, and knowing exactly what’s causing an issue with a heater can be tricky. However, there are several common culprits that could be standing in the way of your comfort. Let’s look at four HVAC troubleshooting tips to help you resolve heating problems.

Check the Power

Your heater obviously needs electricity in order to function. If it isn’t working properly, then it may be a lack of power. A winter storm may have caused an outage, preventing your neighborhood from heating its homes. Alternatively, a power surge may have tripped the breaker box. It might be an even simpler problem — you may just need to flip a switch on the unit itself. In any case, checking for a power absence is one of the first HVAC troubleshooting steps you should take.

Clean the Filters

Have you noticed that the airflow coming from your HVAC system isn’t very strong? This is another common HVAC heating troubleshooting problem and one that’s relatively easy to fix as well. The air filters in your system can clog up with debris and should be replaced every two months or so. When homeowners neglect to exchange their old filter with a clean one, it will force their HVAC system to work harder than it needs to. Dirty air filters not only reduce its performance but increase wear and tear — harming the system’s components and shortening its lifespan in the process. Plus, not replacing old filters can harm your home’s indoor air quality, making allergens and airborne contaminants more common. By regularly replacing your air filters, you can easily help your HVAC system function better and improve air quality too!

Look at the Thermostat

During your HVAC heating troubleshooting, you should always check out your thermostat. If the temperature inside your home does not line up with your thermostat, then it might be a sign your unit is malfunctioning. Also, if the thermostat is having a hard time matching your designated temperature, then the batteries may need to be replaced. However, if a fresh batch of batteries changes nothing about your thermostat’s performance, then it may require more extensive repairs.

Go Outside

Your heating system isn’t always completely indoors. If you utilize a heat pump or other non-traditional heating unit, it may have components located outside. Make sure these types of units are free from obstructions that could hinder overall performance and heating capabilities.

Call a Professional

If you’re still struggling with HVAC troubleshooting, then calling an experienced heating technician is your best bet for resolving your temperature woes. At JC & JC Mechanical Contractors, we offer boiler maintenance services and heater repair in Washington, DC, to ensure your home is warm for the holidays and throughout the winter. For more information on our HVAC services and to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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